Monday, August 30, 2010


Ryan never ceases to amaze me. He is currently in football season. Right now he is playing quarterback on offense and safety on defense.
On Saturday he played a game. He set his alarm for 6:45am to get up, eat, and shower before pictures and the game. We stayed in bed as we knew he was fine.
I rested in the afternoon as I was feeling crummy. I went outside to see him playing baseball with a group of boys. He asked for a glass of water, because his throat hurt.
At 5:45 that night, we had him come in for supper. I asked how his throat was (he hadn't come in at all) and said, "Horrible. My body hurts and head too." I proceeded to feel his forehead. Sure enough, he had a fever.
This is typical Ryan. He does his own thing. You never know what he'll do next. He drives me crazy, but in so many ways I so appreciate his self sufficiency. It's not like the other three kids are like that!


Erin said...

Ryan is light years more self sufficient than any of the other cousins. Impressive! Hope you're feeling better, Ry.

Vicky said...

With Ryan being a year ahead of Nolan I always hope that in a year Nolan will be that self sufficient too. Nolan is QB also, is Ryan liking it? Hope he feels better quickly. One of our players had the same thing, but he tested neg. for strep twice and no mono either.

Be the change... said...

I am looking forward to watching him represent the SPUDS!!!