Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Duggars

I just saw on that my new issue (that is supposed to arrive on Saturday, but never does, which drives me crazy. I just got last week's issue yesterday which is bs.) will have the Duggars on the cover. You know, that family that had their nineteenth child.
I remember back when they caught the media's attention for becoming pregnant with their 16th child. I thought they were nut jobs. I mean who has that many kids?That can kill you. The uterus can't handle that much that fast right?
Then one day last year (or two years ago), I watched their show. At the time it was called 18 Kids and Counting. You know what? This family really seemed to have it together! They had everything down to a science, all the kids were respectful, no one yelled (thank goodness they don't have my house on reality tv), no one was trying to teach their little brother (Brady) to say boogers and fart all the time, and what especially struck me was this: they are getting by financially. Whoa. They chose to let God to decide how big their family can be, yet they are also financially sound enough to handle what comes their way. I'm sorry, but I can't argue with that. I really can't complain about anything they do, other than her bad hairdo (sorry). Have you noticed her skin? Holy cow that women has a beautiful face...ditch that hair and you have a cute gal on your hands.
So here's my personal opinion: They are good parents raising good kids. They make ends meet. I say more power to them. If they were having baby after baby, but couldn't provide simple things like food and shelter without needing help I would be so bold to call that slightly reckless. I am not meaning to say that you have to put a price on life, but whose responsibility is it to care for kids? (I am liberal so don't even go saying I am bashing welfare or foodstamps people)
Another thing: This is in no way written to offend any one in this planet. This is just my opinion. I have been secretly fascinated by the Duggars for a long time. Why am I losing my patience so frequently and I have "only" four? Why do I have a mortgage on my home and they are debt free? Their house is huge! I am so impressed for lack of a better word.
I am curious as to what you all think of the Duggars. Love them? Hate them? Think they are doing something wrong or right?


Be the change... said...

I love the Duggars! I am a closet fan. Michelle is AMAZING. Her daughters are AMAZING. They are all gorgeous, help out with the "little ones", and Jim Bob is still totally in love with her. They are doing something right!

Melissa said...

Unabashedly L-O-V-E the Duggars!

ABCDH said...

First of all, I tried to comment on your earlier post about Brady but it disappeared - but I wanted to say that Laila is our little monster (don't get me started on how she threw up a chewed ENTIRE pack of gum up in the aisle at Target recently...). So, you are not alone.
As far as the Duggars so - love 'em. They actually built their house by hand, with some help from friends. TLC did a show about that before they got this show. It took a long time but they used to live in a regular house.
Interesting stuff.

HHLSS said...

I love watching 19 Kids and Counting. It is such a breath of fresh air! I feel so encouraged watching Michelle. I love that the older children help raise the younger children. I think it makes them wonderful people and builds character and responsibility. It was just my sister and I growing up and we were close in age so it was easy to be selfish. My older children enjoy taking care of my little one and I see them maturing positively because of it. Jim Bob is a wonderful father and husband in all aspects. They are bringing up some pretty good people in this world. :)

Dr. J said...

I had the exact same change of thoughts about them that you had. I think they do a heck of a good job. If they hadn't got into real estate when they did though they wouldn't have the money needed for all those kids.