Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Some things I like....

Might as well turn it around today huh? Oh and I promised myself nothing in this post would be about kids.

Here we go...
the smell of coffee
the taste of coffee
drinking water all the time
Young and the Restless
SoapNet so I can get caught up
General Hospital now that my favorite girl is back and might get back with my favorite boy
staying at the Wynn
laying poolside anywhere in Vegas
travel planning
searching travel sites
disboards.com--it's an all Disney site that I go to a few times a day
Sodoku puzzles--a current obsession
a good book
when my house smells good
being alone
driving alone
music all the time
when my People comes on time which never happens
Sirius satelite radio that is free for a year in my car
listening to Howard Stern in my car.alone.on Sirius
my students
my colleagues
my family
talking to people
anything Disney related
learning new things
discussions with people who aren't trying to push their beliefs or agendas
thoughtful people
picture taking
when my friend Shane capures wonderful photos for me since his son plays on Ryan's teams
talking to people about travel
making people feel special
when church is over b/c normally it's a disaster
when the Vikings win
listening to Spuds sports on the radio
my friends
picking up the phone and talking to friends who live far away like we just talked yesterday
not being cold
good health
when Thad picks up the house
frosted cookies from the store (not those ones that have sprinkles and come in a pack)
my neices and nephews
traveling with my mom and sister
a non windy day


Be the change... said...

I like you!

Erin said...

So many things! Great post, Bonnie.

ABCDH said...

I like you too!