Sunday, August 29, 2010

Future chef

If you want to get Brady to sit still, then you may as well keep him in the kitchen. Last week he (and Olivia) helped me make a chocolate/peanut butter cake.
After we baked the cake, he watched me make some teryaki (sp) chicken. He will pull up a chair and just watch the food cook.

And when he's done eating whatever it is he's eating, he starts playing with it. Normally he makes a big mess.

Today when Ryan made bacon, Brady was right there to help. All I heard was "Whoa!" come from his mouth.

Today he only shattered one glass. It happens a lot more often than I care to admit...

In other news, I have had monster pink eye. I was under the weather Wed-Fri. During the night Fri/Sat, I felt my eye watering a lot. All day I used the drops I had from last week when the kids had it. But, noooo, that didn't work. By Saturday evening, my eye was hurting, swollen, goupy, and redder than red. So I went in for better drops. The doctor also have me drugs in case the crap causes a sinus infection. Sure enough, I am feeling crappy in my head too.
That's okay. I didn't want to enjoy the weekend weather anyway. ;)
Well I sort of did...b/c I went to Ryan's football game. More on that soon!


Vicky said...

I think that photo of Brady dumping something from that bowl is just priceless :) Colton loves to hang with me in the kitchen too and watch cooking on tv.

Anonymous said...

Bonnie, I am impressed with the pic of Ryan cooking bacon (with Brady's help). I never would have allowed my girls to do that until they were about 20!

Emmy likes to cook with me when I'm at Lissa's too. SHe sits on the counter in the corner and watches everything. Sometimes I let her help but she really like to clean the counter, windows, etc. I miss her.

Erin said...

I've gotta hand it to you--you are so much more "early childhood" about having your kids cook in the kitchen than I am. You're a great role model for all of us in this area. Great post!

ABCDH said...

I must be a total worry wart because I was having a heart attack seeing Brady so close to the pan on the stove and the bacon. He is so good! I feel like my kids would sizzle their fingers off!
Hope you're all feeling better - and in regards to my post: Bill says I can't plan anymore vacations to Disney because our house falls apart every time.