Monday, August 23, 2010

Some things I dislike

I should title this "Some things and people I dislike." I am doing this for fun. I am a pretty positive person, so let's change it up!

In no particular order here are a lot of things I dislike greatly. Enjoy. No really, enjoy! :)

Dustin Diamond (aka Screech)
anything food with alfredo
most Italian food
Spencer Pratt
dill seasoning
Levi Johnston
being tired
putting away groceries
putting away laundry
putting away clean dishes
carrot cake
most vegetables
back talk
Disney shows
anything related to stomach illness
picking up
people who preach
uber judgemental religious people
lack of manners
unwillingness to see another perspective
leaches (that's for you Kim!)
aquatic life in general
how it feels to have my feet in the lake
my fears of water, vomit, and anything related to those things
when there is a good storm coming and it moves in another direction
unwillingness to break out of one's comfort zone (I have put my feet in the lake. I just hate it!)
gross teeth
super obvious unwashed hair
people who think they are better than others
the way girls dress today
the way kids text rather than talk
knowing I'll never have another tiny baby of my own
that I have no real sense of style
anything sci-fi
movies made from a book
the choice of actors to play Edward and Bella
Lindsay Lohan's parents

and that's it for today!


Anonymous said...

No wonder I had so much pickle dip and dill dill dip, and cantelope left this weekend! I'm with you on the leecehs, that was absolutely disgusting, but you're going to have to learn to love the water, its so much better than sweating! Or, you'll have to get used to me in my chair in the lake and you having to go mingle with the neighbors on sand. I'm ok with anything. Kim

Getting back to me said...

Beer? Wine? Alredo? Italian? What's wrong with you lady?!?!

Only kidding! Fun post!

Erin said...

Love it! I may have to make my own dislike list.

ABCDH said...

Ha ha..that was great! I had no idea about some of those!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I wasn't on the list


Anonymous said...

I'm a little disappointed you didn't mention "the way Amy makes coffee." LOL!