Thursday, August 12, 2010

(Not) proud mom moment

It's no secret that Brady has turned into quite a busy almost toddler. I am ashamed to say that yesterday I thought to myself, "I need a day for him to be a little under the weather for a break."
I know, horrible right?
This morning when he woke up very warm, I felt horrible. I felt horrible for him, and then I remembered that I had the gall to think about this happening. Jeez!
Now I know that other moms have done this. My friend at school said casually one day at lunch, "I am due for a sick day with one of my kids." That night her daughter got the stomach flu. Nice jinx huh?
So this was Brady this afternoon. He woudn't sleep, eat, drink, or do anything.
I felt relieved when, for only a half hour, he played in the kitchen sink.
I brought him in this afternoon. For certain he has an ear infection. His tonsils were huge and swollen. The doctor tested him for strep, but since we didn't hear back, I'm guessing that was negative. She also took a rectal swab for a staph infection. Who knows.
While we were there, I had Olivia looked at for her beastly cough. She had a fever as well and was given antibiotics for her cough/wheezing thing that she has going on.
When we got home, Brady slept four hours. Now he is in my bed watching Baby Van Gough. He wants his mama, and I am gladly cuddling with him.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if he was acting up BECAUSE he was getting sick? I'm sure approaching two doesn't help either. What a cutie he is. Don't beat yourself up. You can make it up to him in cuddles.

Vicky said...

Poor little guy. He looked fine the other day but they get sick so quickly. Hope he is on the mend soon and that it is NOT staph... that would be horrible. Give him a hug from me :)