Monday, September 6, 2010

Summer recap

Gone is another summer. Bummer! I did so many new things this summer. I can honestly say that I challenged myself in more ways than I thought I could. No I didn't do anything real major, but I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone a few times. Here are some of the highlights:
1. Chicago. After a week-long seminar at MSUM, our Teach American History grant gang headed to Chicago. We saw a lot, froze our butts off, got poured on, and most importantly, laughed like crazy.

2. Richmond, VA. Below is the dorm I stayed out. I loved flying in, spending an evening with my friends Ryan and Kara, and spending almost a week with total strangers. I will do it again. I learned so much. I am so pumped to share with my students and colleagues all I gained.

3. Baseball. Watching Ryan play travel baseball was great. The parents were fun, the games were exciting, and other than the 'ball-to-the-face-black-eye-swollen-shut-fiasco' it was a fun experience.

4. Being home! I got to take the kids to the pool, work out, and just enjoy my children. Priceless.

5. Our neighbors. We have some wonderful friends. We hang out, watch each others' kids, and enjoy one another.

6. Seeing my cousin Mike. He is the coolest, nicest, funniest guy ever. AND he's a single dad. He deserves major props for that. Jasmine is a doll.

7. Getting these butt a$$ ugly braces off. Enough said.

8. Spending four days in Vegas with these two and our hubbies. May we be bonded forever by our experience at the adult pool BARE at the Mirage.

8. Yeah, this place.

9. The lake. Kim C. is a saint for having us down not once, but twice. Talk about being a scaredy cat in the water...but I did it. I tubed. And jet skied. Damn.

10. Brady. I swept up more messes, dealt with more broken glasses and plates, chased, wrestled, and snuggled more than ever with this little hunk of burning love.

**You know what's funny? I had no intention of having a perfect 10 list. I guess the list spoke for itself.


ABCDH said...

I'm in denial that summer is over.
Question: are all your summer clothes packed up already?

Erin said...

And now it's your first day of school. Hope this year is as good as the summer was.

TBRKO said...

Hell no AJ! I can't guarantee that will be done before winter.

Be the change... said...

Bonnie you are looking good...jealous you get to spend the summer with your kiddos!

Erin said...

Great post, btw!

Vicky said...

Ah, what a great re-cap to an obviously great summer. Fun to have so many new experiences.

Anonymous said...

Your braces were sexy