Thursday, April 9, 2009


Why are kids so Jeckyll & Hyde?
Why does my daughter think that whining will actually get them ahead in life?
Why does my other daughter always talk so loudly the whole world can hear her?
Why are children not able to just go to bed early if they are tired rather than throw tantrums, cry, and wreak havoc over the entire house?
Why are there days (today) when I feel so frazzled by the time my children are in bed that I could scream?
Why do some children cry if they are scolded and others barely blink an eye if you really, really scold them?
Why is my child miserable because he hasn't yet started a new sport? Don't we all like a little break from constant activity?
Why haven't most children realized that if they just treat their parents & siblings kindly, life could be so much easier?
Why when I look at my baby do I feel so at peace? I know that in a year or two that he will exhibit many of the above behaviors that drive me insane.
Why are we all so....human?


Anonymous said...

Bonnie, this is so ironic, I just got off the phone with my mom asking her so many of the same questions!!! Must be that time of year, everyone is unsettled...too muddy to play outside, inside starts to drive everyone crazy! I love reading your posts, makes me feel a little better about feeling insane!

Anonymous said...

Not that you are insane-just reread what I wrote!!! Just that everyone has those days and its good to know I'm not alone!

Vicky said...

I hear ya. I find myself telling the boys to go outside and play and they look at me like, what are we supposed to do? Its a very in-between, suspended in limbo time that affects us all I think. Glad I am not alone!

TBRKO said...

Kami don't worry. I think I am a little insane, and I didn't take it in a bad way..I got your drift. We all feel a little crazy.
Some days parenting is impossible!

ABCDH said...


Why do my kids have to ask me for a snack every 1.2 seconds?
Why do my kids have to fight over the most MUNDANE things: like who gets to open the door??

It's a miracle any of us turn out "normal".

Erin said...

Your kids fight over who gets to open the door, too?!? The latest at our house is who gets the cup of water first when they ask for that last drink of water at bedtime. Drives me batty!

Kris said...

So this makes me a little thankful to only have one child right now! I do wonder why putting her feet on the dinner table is such a facination (probably because it irritates the hell out of me!) for my little Lucy though....Anyway, thanks for the laugh on Monday morning. :)