Saturday, April 25, 2009


It's transition time here in the Stafford household. Hockey is over, religion is almost over, dance is over after today, and all we have this upcoming week is church on Wednesday. WOW! I have to show you a couple of pictures from this morning. While Kate and Olivia were playing "dance," I saw that Brady was dragged into the game. As soon as he could sit up, the kids have made him part of their make believe games. Too cute!

Kate had her spring dance show today. She has spent the last couple of weeks bellyaching about how she never wants to dance again. Today, in typical Kate fashion, she told me that she wished it wasn't over. I told her that I wasn't a bit surprised she said that! She will be back at it next year, and is doing a camp with some friends this summer too. Baseball starts for her in a few weeks, but I am not sure when. They haven't contacted Coach Stafford (ahem, not me) about that!

Olivia is signed up for dance next fall too. She still isn't sure about hockey, but right now I just want to enjoy spring. Fall and winter can take their dear, sweet time if you ask me.
Now on to other summer things to sign up (and pay!) for: camps, swimming, gymnastics (maybe), and art lessons (maybe).

Tonight Thad and Ryan are at the Fargo Force hockey game. The three little kids and I went to my sister's house. She hasn't blogged about it yet, but her husband left for ten weeks for guard training down in Mississippi. Keep her in your thoughts. I know she will do well staying sane, but it's not easy being a full-time working, full-time single parent, to three kids who literally go to daycare or school in three different locations.


Vicky said...

So cute to see Brady included, and to see him sitting like the big boy that he is. We have lots of baseball and hockey camp and swimming and golf. I'm sure we will cross paths during some of these things :) Will say a prayer for your sister, 10 weeks is a long time!

Jenay said...

Hey lady! We are coming up this weekend... Dave is going to be landscaping his parents yard so the kids and I will have lots of time to play. Will you be around Saturday or Sunday?

TBRKO said...

Yes we will be! We are going to the Elton John/Billy Joel concern Saturday night, but give us a call that morning! We will be around all day prior.