Thursday, April 2, 2009

How could I forget?

Prior to the flood, Kate was in the ice show. With all the chaos of the last two weeks, I forgot to post about it. The theme this year was "Lights, Cameras, Action!" Kate's group was High School Musical 3. She had a great time being in it. Last year after the ice show, she was revved up to be in skating again. The entire skating season was one big whine-fest for Kate. Like most kids, she likes to do the fun stuff but not have to work for it. She ended the season again this year excited, so I am unsure whether or not she will skate again. I hope she does!

The other big news is that Mr. Brady turned six months old yesterday!!!! Where oh where has the time gone? It really does seem like just a few weeks ago I was HUGELY pregnant, crankier than ever, and ready to pop. It seems like days ago that I delivered my little boy in (what seemed like) record time.

Brady is such a precious little guy. He smiles all the time (although I can't seem to catch it on camera), loves to touch your face when you hold him, is learning to sit up, and thoroughly enjoys his big brother and sisters. I worried a little that child number four wouldn't get as much love and attention as the others did. It's quite the opposite actually. He has five other people to constantly dote on him. The kids as such wonderful helpers. Olivia loves to play with him, Kate loves to hold him, and Ryan is a little daddy in the making. Is it always easy to get things in order? No, but having one child isn't necessarily simple either.

Brady has always preferred our bed to his crib at night (and during the day). Let's face it, he's a smart kid. We do have a cozy bed, and being close to loved ones is a good feeling. I am trying not to encourage him to take over our bed like Olivia, but I am also not going to forsake sleep every night either. He has been a horrible sleeper lately. The only thing that will soothe him at night is me...if you get my drift. I don't recall this with the others, but it is a pretty empowering feeling to be honest. Brady has been having cereal in the morning and a veggie in the late afternoon, so maybe food with substance will help. For the last two nights I haven't had a post-dinner cup of coffee. If he sleeps better, I will continue that.

I am still nursing Brady exclusively. This is a record for me. My supply has stayed up between blizzards, floods, and spring in other words, school being out of session so often has been a personal blessing for me. How long do I plan to keep up with it? I have no answer for that, but truth be told, I am in no hurry to stop. This is it for me. I am choosing to savor it.

Time moves too quickly. Life has become a blur, but I am so, so, so happy to be able to share it with you all. Thank you for caring enough about my family to continue to read it.

I will sign off from this sappy post that tomorrow is a new day. Likely I will hear more off the wall things from my older children to blog about that. Actually I have some good ones, but they can wait.


Anonymous said...


You are such a good mom and have such wonderful children! I appreciate how you manage and balance it all. Imagine what our world would be like if everyone parented like you?


Kris said...

You are such a good mommy. You have adorable kids that love each other and that is the most important thing life has to offer. As you said, having one isn't necessarily easy either but it is oh so worth it!

ABCDH said...

I loved this post! You are such a good Mom!
I have to tell you that Laila was a HORRIBLE sleeper and only wanted to sleep with me as well. But now that she's 8 months old she's totally on a schedule and sleeping happily through the night. I think now is just a transitional time for little Brady.
And way to go on the breastfeeding. I know what a commitment it can be.
I feel so much for all you F-M'ers - it has been (and is continuing) to be a real challenging winter/spring....

Keep up with the posts - I love reading them!!