Friday, April 17, 2009

Here they are!

I was explaining tonight what I love about Ria's work (as if she needs more publicity!). Here is why: Many times I have had my kids' pictures taken and thought, "oh they are so much cuter in person, so much more adorable, so much sweeter, etc. That pose isn't really what they look like." I often say things like, "Kate or Olivia aren't that photogenic." When I look at my kids in the pictures she has done I think, "Yes, that is how my child really looks." "Nuff said."

Also, if you haven't dared to follow Stellan's story lately (I totally get not wanting to read about this poor baby), you wouldn't know that he is a) now in Boston, b) been featured twice more on the news down in the cities, c) has been vomiting up a lot of his meds lately (that breaks my heart for that poor baby, and d) that at FENWAY Park in Boston, on the big score board, it just read, "Welcome to Boston Stellan." Wow. I mean, wow. This mother and child are such an inspiration. I am reminded that money doesn't always have to matter. Time, work, and activities don't always have to matter. Family, our children, and God matter the most.

Now, on a lighter note, don't you blog friends worry. Olivia tinkled all over the floor at my grandma's tonight. She also showed Tami her recent bite mark, and while flashing Tami her chest she said, "don't look at my boobies." See? Somethings will never change in my world.


Vicky said...

Look at those sweet, sweet pictures! Yes, I would say she captured him and all of his cuteness. I would be in so much trouble as I would want 1 of each of them, blown up huge :)

Isn't Stellan's story amazing? Both heart breaking and heart warming all at the same time.

So glad you have Olivia to ground us all with some much needed laughs :)

ABCDH said...

Super, duper, uber cute pictures!!!!
And the "boobies" comment was really funny - made me giggle out loud.

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