Tuesday, April 14, 2009


It was my Brady's first Easter! Sadly, I forgot the camera on the way to church. We were going directly to the Holiday Inn afterward, so I knew at that point that I screwed up. No pictures of all my kids dressed up. No picture of Brady in his adorable Pout argyle vest & cords. Bummer!
By the time we got home from dinner, Brady was hungry and tired, Olivia was tired, and Ryan and Kate wanted to play. 
So there you have it. Oops.


Dr. J said...

I'm guessing the likely-hood of these "opsies" increase with the number of kids you have ;) Kara and I have no excuses yet.

Erin said...

This sounds like most of my holidays with kids--I have one picture of Hope on her first Easter last year in her pretty dress--sitting in her carseat. Not a single picture this year of anyone. I hear you!

ABCDH said...

Bonnie - what do you have, 4 kids or something???