Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Kate was up bright and early this morning.  I had to leave by 7am, and before that she was dressed and ready to go. Why you ask? She couldn't wait to debut her brand new necklace (that she wore to bed too) that she received from her boyfriend.  It is a beaded necklace with the word LOVE.  Parker (our next door neighbor) made it especially for her. He told her that she couldn't get the gift unless she would be his boyfriend. Kate said yes immediately, because (in Kate's words), "he's cute." I bit my tongue from going into the whole, "you shouldn't love someone just based on how they look," because, let's face it, Kate is six.  I didn't develop most of my elementary & middle school crushes because of their mind.

Ryan dared her to call Parker last night and tell him that she loved him. I said that right now she could only love Brady, Ryan, Thad, and Grandpa.  Kate politely informed me that I am not the boss over who she loves.  

Needless to say, Kate is glowing. It makes me remember the first gift that I received from a boy...third grade...Ryan Gwaltney...light up rose at Skateland....AJ do you remember? Really though, I remember being shocked and touched that a boy would do that. I am certain that's how Kate feels too.

I won't burst Kate's bubble by warning her that ultimately boys will be boys. Once Ryan G. became my boyfriend in the fourth grade, he gave me a purple heart pen.  Later he dumped me and broke my pen!

I will post a picture later....


Anonymous said...

Please don't hate me Bonnie if Parker ever breaks her heart! He worked very hard on the necklace, and even had me help him tie the knot!


Dr. J said...

Awww, spring is here, love is in the air! ;)

Vicky said...

I hope you always remember these innocent and precious memories just the way they are :) That is the sweetest thing I've heard in a long time! Tami, that a boy would think to make something like a necklace for a girl? So sweet. And Kate would accept it and wear it? Both of you are obviously doing a good job raising loving kiddos!!

ABCDH said...

That is PRECIOUS. Seriously.

And, yes, I remember the light up rose. Wouldn't you know you would be the one he loved even though I crushed on him for two years before you even came to Edison.

Home wrecker.:)