Thursday, April 16, 2009

My sweet, sweet baby

I am swooning over my beautiful Brady whose sweetness was captured by my friend, the uber talented, Ria. Even though I expect her to blog him on her site ahem Ria, I want you to see them all too, since you are my trusted and dear friends.
Go to her website. It's on this page, to the right. Who am I kidding, you have all drooled many times over her work. Go to the "clients" section on her webpage, and the password is brady6mo. I hope it's okay that I do that, but I am just a mom who is proud of these pictures. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Bonnie, I see those new pictures of Brady and I can't help butlove him even more! He has such a sweet sweet look! And, when he smiles it melts my heart!


Jenay said...

Darling..Love them! He is pure sweetness.

Melissa said...

He is a natural-they all are GREAT!!