Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kate's dance recital

I have tried a few times to post a video from Kate's dance recital, but it wouldn't work. Here are a few pictures of the big day. The girls did very well. They had only practiced three times. Kate is extremely happy being back at her 'old' dance place. She hasn't said ONE negative comment since she started.
Thad is gone until Friday night in Duluth. Of course last night Olivia woke up with a fever. Luckily my mom was fine with taking her along with Brady. She plans to again tomorrow. I am so blessed. Today was the first day of 2nd semester, so it was especially difficult to miss. I have all new kids, and a sub couldn't have helped me get through day one. Then again, I have felt guilty all day about leaving a sick child. At least she was happy to go to grandma's and hang out. Grandmas have a special way about making a miserable day fun!


Vicky said...

Look at her cute costume! It would be fun to watch something other than all hockey : ) I had to pick Nolan up from school today because of a fever too...I hope Olivia is better. Rick is out of town too... always, sick kids when dad is gone!

ABCDH said...

Very cute! There's something about Kate's face that always looks so innocent and sweet.
Sorry to hear about Olivia. Laila woke up last night at 2:00am with a fever as well.
You're lucky to have such a great support system.

Anonymous said...

Grandmas really are very special!