Saturday, January 17, 2009

I am on a roll!

Wow three posts in three days! I should get a reward for this! (I actually have a mini-build up of blog posts so maybe I should just post several while I can)

Seriously, though, this is why I am posting this morning. After getting Brady up to eat, showering, and Kate ready for Ryan's game, I realized it wasn't meant to be. Olivia was crying, thrashing herself on the floor, screaming at everything, and saying how tired she was. No hockey game for the remaining four of us.

Folks this is a downside to having many kids. Someone is always dictating what we do. Normally it's the oldest. Everyone goes to his games, activities, etc. On a morning like this, the little ones do. So here I sit, playing with Kate and Brady. I have taken another 40 or so pictures. Olivia is in her bed reading. Hopefully she will fall back to sleep. She needs to perk up before skating, groceries, Target, and Kate's dance recital.

**Of course as I am uploading pictures, the crying three year old just came down with a new crisis. She can't seem to rest if Katie is watching tv in any area of the house. This could be a long day!**


ABCDH said...

Oh, how I can relate to this. Nothing sucks more than when one child ruins it for the rest. I remember this summer we went to the zoo and Delaney decided to FREAK OUT and we had to leave after only being there for a little bit because she wouldn't stop.
Even just this morning they both had a tantrum: CeCe because she didn't get to stir the pancake mix first, and Delaney because she wanted waffles, not pancakes.
Uf da.

Melissa said...

Uf right...

Melissa said...

Can't live with them and definitely cannot live without them.

Vicky said...

You ARE on a posting roll! Even with two we struggle sometimes with always having at least one unhappy camper with us. I wonder when they outgrow it?

You really got some cute photos though! I love the black and white one of Brady and Thad... really cute.

Erin said...

Oh, how I can relate. I LOVE all your pics, tho. The ones of Olivia in all her distress made me laugh out loud. She and Ross really are cut from the same cloth. BTW, Brady has the most beautiful lips of any baby I've ever seen!