Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A good change & some others


After battling with Kate for months about dance, I decided to pull her out of dance. Her friend's mom did the same thing with her daughter. We asked and they agreed to go back to the place they danced for two years. That place is Just for Kix. JFK is more like 'danceline' if you remember that from high school. It's all jazz. The teacher is amazing, the pace is faster, and right now, it's the perfect fit. I am so, so happy that Kate is happy. It's one issue in life that I can check off of my 'concerned mother' list. If only I would muster the time, energy, and money for Olivia to dance. For now she is settling for tagging along and watching from the sidelines.

Ryan had four games this weekend. He played so well. As proud as I was of his goals, energy, love for the game, and overall zest for the tournament, there was another moment that stuck with me. His team made it to third place championship. The game was back and forth each team scoring until the very end. Our team lost. As the final buzzer went off, Ryan bolted off the bench, skated toward the crying (yes it's true) goalie, and tapped her pad with his stick. Ryan might be one heck of a difficult child to parent, but the kid knows how to win AND lose gracefully. That, to me, is even better than playing well.

I have a funny story about Saturday. Erin brought her kids to Ryan's game. Right when she got there, we realized that Hope likely had pinkeye. I offered to watch Grant and Ross for the day. So I dragged them to Kate's figure skating practice, fed them lunch, played, and then shlepped five kids to Ryan's game. I was concerned with getting pictures of Ryan, so I left the kids to play. Suddenly, they brought me Olivia crying. She had slammed her fingers in the steal doors at the Youth Arena. At least she had gloves on. They were pretty bruised, but she recovered quickly. Off the kids ran again. While talking with another parent, I heared Ross crying. A man was holding this sobbing 35 lbs poor boy. The man said to me, "Whose kid is this?" Sheepishly I answered, "Oh that would be mine." It was time to go. We finished watching Ryan's game, and I brought the boys back to Erin. Get this: I thought Ryan's team lost by four. Turns out they were the team that one by four. I just can't be "every woman" like I was hoping I guess.


Jenay said...

You amaze me woman... How on earth do you do it? I am glad you shared that story about Ryan, I love to hear stories about kids doing awesome things! You and Thad are doing an super job raising your family. Thanks for the kind words and I hope all is well.

Erin said...

I second that, Jenay! I don't know if I would have offered to take all those kids to any event by myself, but Bonnie suggested it--insistently, even--before I had even processed the whole pinkeye thing. Schlepped is the right word, too. Bonnie, thank you for being such a generous sister and super aunt. My kids adore you, and I wish I had half your patience when it comes to kiddie chaos!

Anonymous said...


Your post is such a great example of how wonderful you are! I have always admired your ability to take on children with a smile. It is no wonder every child enjoys you!


Vicky said...

That is so sweet of Ryan. Its so tough when they lose... But 4th is pretty darn good. Nolan's team took LAST place. He was so sad. He said "mom, I couldn't try any harder. I just didn't know what to do"

But we lost to Frisch's team and they hadn't won any games the day before and we had at least won one game. A little solace there.