Thursday, January 8, 2009

Catching up

I am back at work, and life sure is busy! Things are coming along. Last Friday and Monday were difficult for me. Brady was fussy, I was sad, but things are coming together. I will forever be indebted to my mother for watching Brady these two months before going to Jo's. There is nothing like Grandma giving her undivided attention to your baby to make you feel so grateful!
I also want you all to know that if you are a fellow blogger, I am still reading about you! I can't post anything from work. "Safari" is our browser, and it must not be compatible. I am reading, cheering you along, laughing from the sidelines, and giving you all "blog love." I apologize for not having time to go back and write on all your posts.
Lastly, Kate's first grade class was class of the week with WDAY. Rob Kupec, one of the meteorologists did a presentation, interviewed the kids, and said it will air Friday night!!!!! If you live here, it will be on Channel 6 right before the weather. If you don't, go to and look for their blog or something about Class of the week. Here is a link to hear the audio interview that he does: Kate is just before the halfway point. She answered a question about winter.
Ryan has three games Saturday and one Sunday. He is beyond excited, so I am hoping to get some pictures with my new camera that Thad got me for Christmas. Thank goodness he isn't one to complain about being tired, because he will be exhausted!


Vicky said...

I miss your thoughtful comments, but I am so glad that it is starting to come along. I so admire how you manage it all! We'll have to watch for Kate, how exciting for her class. I am sure we will see you Saturday or Sunday.

Erin said...

YAY for Kate! I'll do my best to catch it tomorrow, if I can wrestle the remote away from Grant and SpongBob Squarepants. I got to cuddle, feed, burp, play with, and change Brady today!!! What a cuddlebug he is. I loved every second of his yumminess. Just wanted you to know he got some auntie erin love today, too. :)

HHLSS said...

I am glad you have your mom to love Brady during this time! I'll look for Kate on TV and look forward to pictures from this weekend. :)

Melissa said...

Sounds like you are one busy hot mama!!!