Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Olivia's special friend

Last winter, a new family moved into our cul-de-sac. It wasn't until springtime that we finally got to meet them. They have a daughter in sixth grade who has been a wonderful babysitter, a seven year old who has become another of Kate's closest friends, and then there is Tyler. She pronounces his name Tylo.
Tyler is six months older than Olivia. They are 'bestest' friends. I can't say how wonderful this little boy is. He has a smile on his face at all times, never whines or is crabby (yes it's true), and is as adorable as you could guess.
They began playing constantly this summer. My favorite images of them is riding her Barbie jeep together or riding their bikes together. They both light up around each other. They even decided this summer that he would be our new baby's special big brother.
Sunday was Tyler's fourth birthday. He invited her (and only her) for a special birthday lunch. When she woke up, the very first thing she said morning was, "Today is Tyler's birthday!" She spent the afternoon with him, and came home with a cute treat box.
She is lucky to have this sweet boy who puts up with her!!!!!!


Vicky said...

How cute! I too had a boy for a friend for many years when I was young. His dad was a photographer and took pictures of us holding hands when we were little. We of course drifted apart in later years. When we were seniors in high school however, we had a couple of senior pictures done together. I hope she has fond memories of this special friendship, just as I do.

ABCDH said...

She is a DOLL!