Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We will be heading to church in the morning and then working at our church serving a turkey dinner to people who are either homeless or are alone. My mom signed us up to work, and the kids are really excited for it.
We plan to put up our tree tomorrow night. Well, I plan to have Thad put up our tree that is. Sunday is Brady's baptism as well. There is so much going on!
I must say that being homebound this year has really made me feel like Christmas isn't coming. I live in my own little world I guess. We did get pictures taken for our Christmas card. I could relate a little too much to AJ's posted regarding pictures. There was yelling, bribes, and even a time out before we got the dang thing taken.
Next week is Ryan's ninth birthday. Where does the time go. Stay tuned to hear about my birthday gift to him. I am so excited....but since he has been known to read this, I am not writing anything.
I will leave you with a picture of Brady. He is eight weeks old today. My dear friend Melissa sent this hat to him....I know, I know, he looks JUST like his daddy!


Jenay said...

You do have so much going on! What an awesome thing to do on thanksgiving. Emily would so love to do that. Lots to be thankful for this year. I have not updated my blog because of my purse being stolen. I am supposed to get it back today, if that holds true i will send out a password for my blog and update you all on the crazy story behind my purse. A very sad situation that has really put my entire life into perspective. Ellie's news also checked me this week with all that i have to be thankful for. Will we be able to see you guys next weekend? Friday i am spending the day at Ria's loft but we have no plans for that evening? Maybe we should hook up and order pizza or something for dinner... let us know.

Vicky said...

Really adorable! Wow, you do have a lot going on and it seems that you are more on top of it than we are : ) Christmas photos? Nope. Decorations? Only if myha wreaths count. Otherwise, nope.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! You would have been so proud of Ryan at his last game... and Thad has a great team, they will be fun to watch!

TBRKO said...

Listen, we have a lot going on, but if you think I am on top of stuff you should see my house! Thad will agree that whenever he comes home it's a pit. I am a horrible picker upper. I just don't know where to starts so I don't.
Also when I go back to work, this could very well get ugly. I am really getting worried about juggling it all...but for now I am going to enjoy my last month home!

ABCDH said...

9 years....and 8 weeks - what a nice spread you have for Thanksgiving :-)) (not to forget the adorable girls sandwiched in between!)
Have fun this weekend with the holiday and the baptism. With all that's been going on I'm sure you'll have a hard time making it through it all without a lot of happy tears.
We really, truly, have so very much to be grateful for!

Melissa said...

C'mon could he be any cuter? That hat is absolutely adorable on him. You have to admit that you and Thad sure mix genes well. Happy Thanksgiving Bonnie!

TBRKO said...

Funny, now that I look at that picture I posted......not so flattering of him. Oh well.