Thursday, November 6, 2008

Go Wayne

Barack Obama wasn't only winner this Tuesday. My dad, Wayne, was elected Clay County Commissioner for District 1. For those of you who don't know how my dad works, he doesn't go into things "half assed" as he would say. He has been going door to door since July handing out pamphlets and talking with people. I am proud of his hard work, positive message, and dedication to his goal.

He had a little par-tay on Tuesday night. It was cool because the Democrats and Republicans were in the same hotel too. I got to speak with our U.S. Rep Collin Peterson, met some other candidates, and saw the news people up comment on that. Oh, and I also was a rebel and stole about four HUGE olives from the Republican food spread. Actually I asked the first time, but I did take the next three.

We brought Ryan along. Wow was he excited. He is almost nine and really took an interest in the election. I am seeing Ryan/Bonnie tendencies too. We both get little obsessive following the news coverage and just taking a huge interest in it all. I am glad he was a part of history being made.

Congrats dad! I love you!


Jenay said...

Bonnie that is awesome! Congrats to your family. No doubt, your dad will bring positive change. And you... look how cute and skinny you are! Only you can bounce back that fast.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Wayne. You know I like that guy. Tell him I am excited to hear the good news.

ABCDH said...

I saw those signs all around town when we were visiting and I got so excited!!
Congrats to Wayne!

Vicky said...

How exciting for all of you to share in such a momentous day! I am sure you all will remember this for a long time to come (as will most of us) and it will be doubly special for you! Nolan took a huge interest in the election this year too and we had a difficult time getting him to go to sleep!