Saturday, November 8, 2008

Not liking this day

I need a moment to vent:

I have no real reason to vent, but I will feel better after I do it. Thad was paged out this morning as I was (unsuccessfully) trying to go back to sleep after Brady's second feeding. Apparently when someone is stabbed and Thad has to be awake, he can talk as loudly as he wants. So the girls were awakened early after staying up late. Ryan, who was at his first birthday party sleepover came home around 9:30 by informing me that he was up until 3:30am. Lovely! This means he will be a beast today!

By 10:30, Ryan is in his room as he made a pretty mean comment to Kate. I am trying to feed Brady prior to figure skating so I don't have to breastfeed in the freezing cold. Did I mention cold? It is freezing, very windy, and extremely slippery outside. That was fun driving and walking in once we got to skating. Of course the cars next to me on either side were very close, so I looked like a freak trying to get Brady out of the car. Only Olivia wiped out once on the way in thankfully!

As we are trying to leave skating, Olivia has to go potty, Kate is bleeding, and I see my gas light is on in my car. Alas, we made it home. Ryan is passed out in his room (hooray!), Brady is still dozing, and unfortunately I can't relax because I have to get Ryan ready for a second birthday party today.

I would love to curl up under the covers, but it's not going to happen. Maybe I should eat some junkfood. That is usually soothing....


Vicky said...

Oh my word what a day you are having! I am in awe of all that you have to take on when Thad is working. I told Rick we could skip skating this morning between our lack of sleep and the icy roads... but thank goodness he was willing. I would so not have wanted to do it alone... good for you for doing it even when its not easy... that is a great example for me.

Jenay said...

ahh, my day is going just as crappy! Too bad we don't live closer, i would come and eat junk food with you! My computer monitor died today and i have tons of photos to edit, and even more xmas cards to complete. Thank god for my work PC, to connect to my beloved blogs... Dave is gone hunting until next weekend and i feel like a prisoner in my own home with this crappy weather!