Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thanks girls!

Thank you so much for updating your blogs girls! I realized just why I have been stalking all your blogs lately: my life is rather boring. Yes I am busier than ever, have a beautiful baby boy, and three other children occupying my time, but I am not working. Thus, my adult conversation is pretty lacking these days. As a result, I am feeding off you all for updates, humor, insight, and anything else you want to share about your lives. Hey, it's what I do when I breastfeed.
I will try and share more too. The problem with my updates is that they are pretty much limited to kid stories. I am not doing any traveling, seeing friends I haven't seen in a long time, or anything other than breastfeeding, bringing Olivia to preschool, washing 100 loads of laundry, etc.
I do have a few things that might make you crack a smile:
1. (This is borderline inappropriate) Two days after Brady was born, and the first day home from the hospital, I was holding him and crying. Kate asked why I was crying. I told her that he was just such a miracle. Kate said in her soft voice in all seriousness, "It's such a miracle that your privates stretched wide enough to get him out." WTF???????????? You should have seen my tear streaked face mixed with an expression of pure shock.
2. Yesterday at Olivia's ENT appointment, the doctor asked if we got the baby from Target. She replied, "No, he fell out of my mom's tummy."
3. As I write this, Olivia is walking around saying, "My butt reeks." She has been putting her hands down her pants (both front and back) obsessively lately. Obviously we have said more than to stop doing it!
4. The girls had yet another bad suppertime. In a nutshell, they refuse to eat--ever. Vegetables are the big issue. We have used dessert, no other food, saving dinner until bedtime, heck you name it to get them to eat. Thad was so frustrated with Kate our ultra-whiner that he sent her to her room for an undetermined amount of time. All of the sudden she comes out and says, "Daddy I am getting bored." Thad said, "I don't care if you're bored." Her reply? "Well you should." How stupid to say that?
Why are our kids so freakish?????????? They are alive, healthy, and I am being extreme, so please don't accuse me of being a bad parent. Honestly though, what the heck is up with our kids?


Jenay said...

ok, i tried to leave a comment last night and it was not working! You had me cracking up so hard. Love that Kate is telling Thad that he should care about her boredom. It is crazy what they come up with. Kindergarten has been an adventure to say the least for us! Emily is keeping her teacher on her toes... I will keep it at that.

Melissa said...

You are so damn funny. PS Your kids are unfortunately normal. Not only normal but pretty darn cute and entertaining. Keep up the funny the one after this is WHOA!! 1st grade? I do love that they are discussing politics at 1st grade. Playgrounds have sure changed since "kiss and kill" days.