Friday, October 24, 2008

Oh My...

Kate this morning: "Mommy, Jordan C. told me not to vote for Obama because he lets moms kill their babies."
Whoa! How do you explain that to a six year old. Thanks 1st grade friend!


ABCDH said...

Oh for crying out loud! There are just some things that a 1st grader should not be a part of. For example, their parents discussions on the abortion issue. Shame on those parents.
I suppose they oppose sex ed too....don't get me started.

Vicky said...

Can you imagine the image that must be floating around in her (Kate's) head, especially with a new baby at home? How sad really. What did you say to her?

TBRKO said...

I said, "Well tell your friend that your mom said that isn't quite true, and that your mommy is voting for Obama."
Then later it came up again when Thad was out of the shower. He said, "well it sort of is..." to which I said, "Kate, when you are 10 or 12 I will explain it all more."
Kate said, "But I will forget by then." I said, "Yes you will, but I won't!"

Vicky said...

Sometimes there are just no words that seems appropriate. I think you handled it well. Our kids know there are "adult" topics and we have told them when they are older we will be happy to discuss them.

I saw you out of the corner of my eye at skating but also saw you had your hands full or I would have at least waved and said hi. I know we are booked solid this week with activities and I can only imagine what if must be like for you!!