Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My little helper

My special helper these days is Olivia. Every time I have to change Brady's diaper I hear a little, "I will go get his diaper!" She runs to his room to grab a diaper and the wipes if I need them. She loves to give her baby brother his pacifier--too often. If he makes the slightest noise she says, "He's crying mommy, I better give him his pacifier." I have had to scold her a few times because she is always in his face. Three year olds don't understand personal space at all.

Overall, though, she has been such a helpful little girl. Having a new baby has reminded me that they grow too quickly. I have been making a special effort to play more with Olivia. We have been playing Memory (or as she calls it 'the remember game') and Candyland--a lot!

In other news, Thad and I went to parent-teacher conferences yesterday for Ryan and Kate. Both are doing very well, and we couldn't be more proud. Poor Ryan has strep throat, so he has been home bound these first two days of vacation. We go to Olivia's conferences tomorrow. That will be interesting! Brady had his two week check up today. He is 8lbs 3oz, so he is thriving!

Here is a little video of Olivia singing some bizarre lyrics to Brady...


Vicky said...

I love how you give each child their own post. Isn't it fun to see Olivia in the big sister role! Wow, Brady is 8 pounds already, thats great. Yes, they Do grow way too fast.

Anonymous said...

You are such a good mom! I appreciate how you allow each child to have their own identity. Brady is growing so fast! Olivia is such a sweetie. I love her songs! :o)


ABCDH said...

Cute video!
I had (have) the same problem with Cecelia wanting to be in Laila's face all.the.time.
I hope you're enjoying your time at home. When do you have to go back to work?