Monday, October 27, 2008

Can you tell...

...that Ryan is our oldest child? I left him home alone while I took Kate and her friend to dance. We are talking 30 minutes tops. Mr. Overachiever's 'job' was to do his homework. As I was entering the house through the garage, this was taped to the door:

Talk about funny! The homework was complete, and he ran today too. I reminded him that if mom leaves for even a few minutes, he is to stay inside.

In other Stafford news, Kate had dance camp this weekend. She and her friend Kailee attended it. It was put on by the MHS dance team. When I dropped them off they were excited (and surprised) to see another friend, Kelsey, there. Kate had a blast! Typical Kate was upset at the end of camp, because two awards were handed out, and she didn't get one. We are working on improving her attitude.

No major news with Olivia and Brady. They will get more attention when I post next!


Vicky said...

Wow, that is actually really impressive. I could so not leave Nolan home alone as much as I would like to have that option. I'd choose my 6 year old over my 8 year old... how crazy is that? There are just way too many things that Nolan will do in front of me that are cringe worthy... I shudder at what crazy thing he would do if I were gone.

How fun for Kate! I have to tell you I really admire how much you are juggling all these activities on top of a newborn... it can't be easy, but good for you for doing it anyway!

ABCDH said...

Seriously, I love jym class.