Saturday, August 30, 2008

What I had forgotten...

Reflecting on being back at work this week I forgot:
1. much I love my job AND colleagues. There is nothing like seeing my school family again.
I had forgotten what a huge part of my life they are for 9ish months a year.
2. ...what a fun buzz there is in the air each fall before school starts. It will continue for awhile. Think back to your high school years: football games, new clothes, meeting new teachers, seeing friends, Homecoming, and whatever else comes to mind for you.
3. fulfilling it is for me to work. I have written this before, but each summer, I am so glad to be a full time mom without having a full time job to accompany it. Then comes August, and I feel the itch to be around other moms who also work, juggle kids, activities, and hubbies who sometimes forget that us moms do more than our fair share.
4. much more organized I have to become when I am back at work. I just returned from the grocery store with a weeks worth of meals, snacks, and all the stuff that I won't have time to get during the week.
5. much being 35 weeks pregnant sucks when you have to wear nice clothes to work. I wish I could wear my yoga shorts there.
6. excited my own kids are at the thought of returning to school. I LOVE the excitement in their faces.

On the other hand I forgot...
1. ... the guilt I feel when I realize how much I love working, being with other adults, and really feeling that fulfilled.
2. much I realize that miss without being with my kids all day.
3. Thad must feel all year round since he doesn't get a summer vacation.
4. ...the constant pull I feel between motherhood and work. I do not like that.


Kris said...

Bon- You are a great mommy and a great teacher. I feel the same way even with just one little one at home. I love my work but feel guilty that I can't spend every moment with Lucy. I think that comes with the territory for us mommies....

ABCDH said...

I was just telling Bill how I wish I was going back to school - because of that "buzz". The college campuses and the buses scooting around makes me jealous!
And even though I don't work outside the home (atleast not on a regular basis), I think it's good for Moms and kids to get a break from eachother. It gives both parties an appreciation for eachother.