Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A typical August day

Today I took Olivia to a late 3 year check up. The only reason I did it was because we just found out yesterday that she will be going to preschool this fall. Some interesting tidbits from her appointment:
1. The doctor asked me if I am sure there is only one baby inside of me, because he said, "You are quite big."
2. He is concerned about Olivia's speech, as we are. She is going to be referred to a speech pathologist to see if her palette is fully developed.
3. Her hearing test was a little odd. She only seemed to hear every other word in her left ear, but when you are three it's tough to know for sure. Since she has speech issues and is still nasally after having tonsils and adenoids taken out last summer, we will likely visit the ENT too--again.
4. The doctor asked me if Olivia is our toughest child. You can decipher for yourself what that comment implied.
5. She threw a major meltdown as we were leaving. Olivia decided after choosing a Tinkerbell sticker (and we were past the reception desk) that she really wanted Ariel. Sorry sister, mom doesn't work that way. So she freaked out, ripped up her sticker, and then really lost it when I told her that she no longer would be getting a sucker for her behavior. You can imagine how pleasant the walk to the car and ride home were. Oddly, I was amazingly calm. Crying and screaming tend to make my ears shut down, so it wasn't that horrible.
Now we are back home, Ryan and Thad are at football, and Olivia thinks she only has to eat cornbread for supper.

This is another day when I can't help but be ready to be at school again. I need a little structure, the kids need a little more structure, and the excitement I had about being at my children's beck and call at the beginning of the summer is over. I want to feel like our house is running with 50% Thad and 50%. Currently that is not the case. I am beginning to lose my appreciation for being at home, being able to run my kids everywhere during the day, and making them meals daily that "aren't good" or "yucky." For you moms who do it full time all year round, way to go. I get to have it both ways, and while I love it in June and most of July, by August I am spent. Maybe if I didn't have the option of having it both ways, I wouldn't appreciate both so much.

I am off to break it to my strong willed three year old that she is likely losing her chance at ice cream tonight. I am sure that will fly really well with her. Oh yeah, and we are having another baby in six weeks!!!!!!!!


ABCDH said...

I love it. Typical August day indeed. On another day I probably could have written the same post.
Oh, and by the way - I was at Target one time (7 months along with Delaney) and the woman behind me asked when I was due. I told her when and her response "huh, I thought you were going to say any day now" As I continued to empty my cart the woman kept staring and couldn't resist to ask "what? You got more than one in there?" Even though my knee jerk reaction was to pop her in the mouth I just smiled and said "nope, just one."
Thought that might make you feel better.

TBRKO said...

It is funny how tacky people are. Good thing I don't get offended...some people are just idiots!
(That would be the mean-hormones speaking...)

Melissa said...

I have a boy verision of Olivia residing in my household. I am open to trading, I have always wanted a little girl:).