Monday, August 25, 2008

A few changes

Today marks my last day of summer vacation. Wouldn't you know that Olivia woke us up at 6am today? Stinker! Ryan was already in our room (you'll see why below), so for her to have to have a person on her turf, well, she didn't like that.

Anyway this weekend was spent moving Ryan from his room upstairs to a new room downstairs. Thad painted, we got new bedding, and it looks very nice. The picture is sort of bad, but you get the jist of it. Ryan is a little nervous about sleeping downstairs--technically it's not the basement, but for our four level, it's what he normally considers downstairs. Anyway he is working toward earning an afternoon golf outing with his daddy on Friday if he stays in his bed all night the rest of the week. I am also challenging Olivia to do the same. She wants the latest Kidz Bop CD. I wouldn't bet a nickel on her not crawling into our room during the night.

My friend Kristi was nice enough to come over Saturday and fix Ryan's bad haircut, cut Kate bangs, and give Olivia a haircut. She is very proud of her look, so I posted a pictures of her.
Thad leaves town next Sunday for 6 days. I am hoping that between the first week of school, being almost 9 months pregnant, football, gymnastics, and a new third, first, and preschooler in the house, we can all make it in one piece. At least we got out on Saturday night for an hour for a little dinner at Red Lobster. I told Thad that I am not eating out at any more good restaurants prior to the birth of the baby. I feel too crappy afterward.......everything is just to squished inside of me.

The next task for our family will be to set up a crib and tackle the baby's room!


Kris said...

And I thought I was busy...I don't know how you do it Bon. You are an inspiration!

oh, and btw, would you hurry up and have that baby already???


Vicky said...

Where did you find the sports comforter for Ryan's room? I really like it... the colors are great!

TBRKO said...

I got it on ebay. I think I just searched boys quilts...