Sunday, August 3, 2008

Emmy's birthday party

We had a whirlwind trip to the cities this weekend. After getting lots of schools clothes at the Gap outlet, we went to Melissa & Bo's for Emmy's party. It was so nice to finally see them again after a year. Not only that, but it was awesome to see Jim and Vick. I am reminded each time we see them how fun they are to be around. There are always a thousand laughs, good conversation, and of course, sarcasm. We reminisced about the State Hockey tournaments...Vick being in crutches & a wheelchair senior year, Melissa fighting the urge to let her go on a down ramp, Jim's harsh words to her on the drive down sophomore year that I laugh about to this day, and the best hotel ever: Crown Sterling Suites (now the Embassy Suites again). I miss them all terribly.
This morning, we stopped by again for another visit. The kids enjoyed playing with Melissa's dogs, holding Emmy, and then Elli and Tim stopped by with Sam. I wish we all could have had more time together, but something is better than nothing.
We left early so we could hit the outlet mall again. I didn't get a chance to shop for myself or Kate as much as I wanted. But, as we were driving, I saw that we missed the exit to the mall (depending on the direction you are driving on the interstate, there is a different exit), so we just skipped it. Don't worry though, I ordered lots online when I got home...if you are wondering what my rush was, I had that 25% off coupon at Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic.
Enjoy some pics from the weekend! PS: Emmy is a cross between her mom and dad, however, at times I felt she looked just like her grandpa Jim!

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ABCDH said...

Emmy looks like a Weber to me!