Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First day

We survived the first day of school. I slept horribly last night, Olivia woke up screaming at 11:30, Kate started yelling at her, and then Ryan came in. At 6:30 when my alarm went off, Ryan hopped up and got the rest of the house up. I had three excited children so that is a bonus. As I was bringing Olivia to Jo's, Ryan noticed the bus hadn't arrived. They decided they were fine riding, so I let them go. I felt a little guilty not bringing them to school myself. It's always been a tradition that I experienced as a child. Thad has always done it for the kids. Ryan swore he would watch out for Kate. Apparently they were separated getting into school, but Kate told me she said Mr. Kopperud the principal, walked up to him, and asked if he could help her find her classroom. GO KATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That in and of itself made me so proud of her!

As for the actual first day for the kids:
Olivia did cry at preschool I guess, but hey, she is a Stafford child so that is to be expected.
Kate told me in her dreamy voice, "First grade was just great!" She has already been singing the song she learned in music.
Ryan said he had a good first day too. My boy doesn't get into it much.
My day was fine. I was told a million time by former students how huge I am (no crap), asked if I know the sex (said no about 100 times), and also was hounded about names (no clue yet either). Needless to say, the questions get annoying.

After school, I zipped to pick up the kids and get Kate to gymnastics. On our way I found out that Ryan football at 6pm. No one had bothered to tell me so I was instantly irritated. Instead of sitting and watching Kate, I dragged the two kids to McDonalds so we could all eat, picked up Kate, ran home to get Ryan's football stuff, dropped him off at practice, got Kate McDonalds, and returned home. I am ready for bed AND for Thad to get home...but that won't be until Friday.
Tomorrow I have my first of the weekly check ups. I will post an update if I get "checked."

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Jenay said...

Ok, Can i just say that you are a saint for handling this without Thad's help. I made dave stay home this morning to see emily off on the bus in case I couldn't pick myself off of the floor from crying. Then I had him take evan to daycare so i wouldn't cry dropping him off since he'd be alone without his sister for the first time at daycare. It can only get better from here. Emily had a great day! I can't wait to hear about your check-up! Hang in there.