Sunday, September 28, 2008

Still here...

...bigger than ever!

Seriously though...this weekend Thad painted two of the baby's room walls beige. I cleaned out my bathroom closest, packed most of my maternity away (it doesn't fit), set aside some new pjs I bought for my hospital stay, was up for 3.5 hours last night with braxton hicks contractions, went to church, managed a nap a day, quality time with the kids, bought Halloween costumes for everyone, clipped the kids' nails and toes, bought some groceries, and tried to relax.

We still have no idea what to name him/her. We don't agree on any names at this point so we don't discuss it. You would think nine months is enough time to come to a consensus!

Tomorrow is Homecoming Coronation which I am in charge of. Twenty four hours from now, a weight will be lifted off of me (figuratively of course) to go ahead and have this baby without worrying who is going to deal with the mess of Homecoming week. The parade is taken care of, most of my sub plans are ready, and I think I only have two days of teaching this week.

I promise to keep you all posted. Thank you for all your support. To quote my children's favorite movie, "We're all in this together!"

PS: If you haven't done so, go to AJ's blog and see pictures of her darling little Laila. It's those photos where we have to sit back and enjoy the miracle of life.


ABCDH said...

I actually considered calling you this weekend. We really need to talk in person one of these days!!
I'm glad you got so much done over the weekend. Now you are set to have this baby.
And, we didn't have a name for Laila either. Bill actually tried to name her something else right when she was born and I had to veto his decision and give her the name I wanted. :-))

Erin said...

You are totally READY, Bonnie! Talk about a productive Sunday...good for you. Hang in there--little one is almost here.

Kris said...

you are ready mommy....can't wait!


Melissa said...

C'mon Bonnie! Time to hold that beautiful baby already.:)

ABCDH said...

I seriously keep checking this blog, like, every hour!
The anticipation is killing me baby Stafford!!!
P.S. Got your package - THANK YOU!!