Sunday, January 23, 2011

What we did this weekend

It was another busy weekend. On Saturday, I skipped skating, because Brady wasn't up to going out. Both girls had dance performances (at different times) in the afternoon.
I love how Olivia's tongue is sticking out here.

Here is a little video of Olivia.

Kate danced later in the day. The video I took of her was too long to post on here, but she did a very nice job. I love her outfit!

Thad even made it back in time to watch!

Liv and I enjoyed watching too!
Today, Ryan had a game in Grand Forks. My mother offered to watch the three kids. I told some of my friends that if felt like a Christmas gift to not have to hear them complain about being bored. Thanks mom!
The visibility was horrible, so I kept my nose stuck in my book...wait I mean Kindle.
Ryan's friend Carter & his dad rode with us. Yes Ryan is actually smiling. I can't stop looking at him.

I even brought my camera, even though I am not a photographer.
The Squirts won both games this weekend making their season 12-3. Nice job!
Tomorrow is the beginning of second semester. This will bring in some changes for me: two new classes, every grade other than what I had last semester, and a new load of work. The good news is that they school year is half over, which means we are closer to warm weather. Good lord it's cold outside.

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Stephanie said...

Such a busy family you are! How do you find the time? Brady is such a good sport for always tagging along and hanging out with a smile. I'm sorry to hear about Kate's thyroid. It's good you caught it, but still such a bummer that she will have to take meds for it for the rest of her life. I sure hope you are enjoying all that snow you have there...hehehe.