Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm excited!

I got an email from Thad today saying that we are going on a date tomorrow night *and* he already got us a babysitter. I'm shocked and excited!
You must know that we rarely go out. Thad knows I've been getting frustrated at four nights a week practices (that requires his presence), three to four games a weekend (that requires his presence), and his Wednesday night bar league (that apparently requires his presence). If you add that up, you will notice that he is gone seven days a week.
Anyway, now we have to find the time to clean our house so we can eat dinner together tomorrow. Alone. With no kids interrupting us. Or fighting.
Now to decide where to eat....


Melissa said...

We got a gift certificate to Perkins for Christmas and so we're going there tonight after I put the younger kids to bed. One nice thing about having older kids is a built-in sitter. We've never hired one!

Stephanie said...

Sounds like you are starting the year off right! Now that Brady is a little older maybe you and Thad could have a date night once a month! *gasp* Have you decided yet where you are going?