Monday, January 10, 2011

A Kate-ism

Last night I was looking online at tourist information on the Black Hills. We (okay I) are thinking of taking the kids there this summer. I saw a hotel and said, "We could stay at Dick's Hotel."
Kate: "Uh mom...that sounds kind of penis-y."



Stephanie said...

Uh, she has a point....hehehe

ABCDH said...

Ba ha ha ha!!! My girls don't have any brothers so they are pretty much clueless about the whole weiner thing!
(Bill is shy guy and always wears a towel around them)

TBRKO said...

Okay well I need to clarify this: Kate told me that she saw the word written all over a back pack last year--in second grade. Then she said someone told her what it means.
We didn't say that word so don't worry....well not the Dick word. But yes, she is well aware of the other stuff.

Vicky said...

Oh that is classic! Love that girl :)