Thursday, January 27, 2011

DARE Graduation

Pardon the poor quality of these photos. Bad mom Bonnie forgot her camera!
Fifth graders in all the schools in Moorhead take part in a fourteen week education of DARE. The education centers around drug resistence, bullying, etc. I've heard a lot of reports that DARE doesn't work, but hey, it certainly won't make life worse for anyone.
Here are some pictures of his classmates, one with his mother, Grandpa Wayne, and his dad. Thad goes to these every year and sits with law enforcement, the mayor, and principals to shake the kids' hands. Ryan got an extra loud cheer because his dad gave him his diploma. It was cute.

This last picture is with a classmate of Ryan's. The boy can't speak or hear well. He is unable to eat food the way we do, and also has a trach. He ran across the gym, and the whole place applauded. After the ceremony was over, he ran to Ryan and gave him a high five. His para told me that he likes to play football with Ryan when it's nice out. Needless to say, hearing that touched my heart more than anything.

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