Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Institute

This is where I am going tomorrow for the until late Thursday night. The seminar I am partaking in is called The South in American History. If you really were interested, you could go to their page titled Summer Seminars and check it out.
It's going to be a busy and intense week. I look forward to seeing and studying the southern perspective from early settlement to the present. Let's face it, us Yankees really don't fully understand the southern culture. I hope to be able to learn more about it, and more importantly, be a better teacher.
To date, my stereotypes on the south tend to be that many are (VERY generally speaking): rednecks, racist, white supremacists, twangy, bitter over losing the Civil War, and yet very religious and conservative people. I know I am wrong. I know that I shouldn't judge so harshly. I hope to walk in the shoes of the southern perspective.

Other than that, my life is in a bit of a rut. I am constantly running errands to get life back on track before I leave again. Thad has been working longs hours on a few trials. We are both stressed. Travel baseball has been time consuming.

If I can, I hope to post a little bit from Richmond. Oh, even though I am leaving tomorrow, I am spending the night with my friends Ryan and Kara in D.C. I have a long history with both of these people: elementary/high school classmates and fellow Kohls employee. And they happen to be a part of our Vegas group.

Wish me luck as I am about to go further out of my comfort zone than ever. I am one of 28 teachers in this group. I know no one. I am not sure what they will feed us (gasp!). I think it will be a great learning experience.


The Mjonesses said...


Cassie showed me your blog last night and I have to say, I was hooked. I stayed up until 3a last night reading it until I couldn't see anymore and couldn't stop laughing. I started with your very first entry and just finished the latest. Was Brenna the "nobody nobody booger" girlfriend of 2007? I know she was the one from her birthday party/kiss entry. Little sad that Ryan is not writing her love notes but then again, I showed her the picture of his baseball injury and she told me "I'm not marrying him until his eye looks normal." I totally relate to the busy everyday life of having a full time job, a husband with a full time job who also loves to coach hockey, kids in every sport under the sun, kids who don't like what you cooked for dinner, kids who don't do their homework until you tell them its time for bed and havings dogs! Love the "penis" stories from Olivia and the tactful way of trying to explain body parts without too much detailed info........Thanks for the laughs!

TBRKO said...

Ha! Thanks for enjoying it. I am honest about everything, that's for sure. The good, bad, and the constant ugly of our lives!