Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Oh Brady

See this adorable boy? He sure gets into mischief.Take for example just an hour ago....
I heard a noise in the kitchen, so I went to see what he was up to. I found these noodles in the garbage, and (look behind him).....

He was proudly working on his daily cooking project.

Sometimes he just has to look at what he does.

But it's also fun to stir it up.

Then he went in the pantry, got out the broom, and began strewing noodles across the floor.



Vicky said...

Every time I see a new picture of him I am floored at how much he has grown!! I love that he still loves playing in the kitchen :)

Anonymous said...

This is beyond cute. He sure is a character. It was very considerate of him to throw the empty box in the garbage, and to sweep up after himself! I love the pic of him with the cookie, he looks so happy.
Is Ryan"s eye open yet?

Getting back to me said...

He is adorable...and hey, whatever keeps them entertained!

ABCDH said...

That's cute - he's adorable!