Saturday, June 19, 2010


Ryan is on two baseball teams this summer. He is on "in house" Babe Ruth, and he also plays on a travel team. The pictures above are from his first travel tournament. I consider myself very lucky, because I am friends with a dad who has an excellent camera. He took ninety pictures of Ryan for me this weekend alone. He did the same for the girls during the ice show and Ryan's track meet. I have my fingers crossed that our boys play on the same hockey team next year.
Ryan usually pitches. Sometimes he is in short stop. I had the pleasure of watching Ryan's games recently kid free! Thad stayed home with the kids. I couldn't believe how much I got to take in! Last night, because Thad is on call and can't leave the county, Ryan and I went to Grand Forks for a tournament. When we pulled in, it began raining. The wind was 30 mph with gusts much higher. It was horrid to say the least. During the second game, Ryan and a few boys were playing 500. Don't ask me what that means. They were throwing it really high into the air. Someone got into Ryan's way (that or the wind took it), and he was smacked right in the eye with the baseball. I saw him hit the ground, but I thought he was playing. Then again, that's not Ryan's style. Intuition took over and I ran as fast as I could. He had tears coming down one cheek. His hand covered his eye. When he took it off, I about lost my breath. His eye was swelled shut. It was scary. Luckily the coaches and parents got ice right away. We left early.
He really wanted to play today. Ryan said last night, "Let's go to the doctor. They can stick a needle in my eye and suck out the blood. Then I will be able to play." That's my Ryan.

This morning once the sun came out, I drove all the kids back up to Grand Forks to watch his team win.
I tell you what. This watching your child get hurt business is no fun. He's only ten. I can only imagine what the next ten years have in store for us.

Next up: a little bit about my trip to Chicago and my upcoming trip to Richmond, VA. As much as I love to travel, I hate talking about it.


Melissa said...

that moment when your mother's heart goes "oh. no." is a terrible feeling. Hope he heals up soon!

Vicky said...

Oh my stomach lurches just to see that! How painful looking. Congrats to his team for playing well!

ABCDH said...

O my Gosh!!!