Friday, June 4, 2010

Kate is eight!

That was a dorky rhyme, I know, but eight years ago today (at 6:20pm to be exact), I became a mother for the second time. It was my first girl. She was my longest labor. My body wasn't ready to have her, but with Thad's bizarro work schedule, the doctor agreed to induce me. So today I am reminiscing...
We had spent the entire night up with a restless two and a half year old. He finally complained around 5am that his ear hurt. Duh an ear infection! So we gave him medicine and drifted off to sleep for about an hour.
The day was long. I was exhausted, and at one point, the doctor said that if I didn't dialate a little, he would send me home. That must have scared me enough to get my cervix going, because once my water was broken around 3pm, it went quickly. I got an epidural around 4pm, felt pressure around 5:30, and out she came a bit later. My doctor needed two pages to come. I remember harassing him about that, because that had been on an episode of ER. Dr. ? missed her page and someone died....anyway out she came. A girl! I was thrilled.
The was covered in what the nurses called "God's lotion." She wasn't as beautiful as Ryan was. I know that's sad to admit, but I honestly recall thinking, "Hmmmm she looks different than what I thought she/he would look like." Grandpa Wayne instantly started his "Katie has beautiful ears" comments. Yes they stick out. Okay anyway....
A few other thoughts....
1. I thought it was quite difficult to go from one to two kids. I was so worried about Ryan that it was overwhelming.
2. Of all my babies, I had the most post partum depression. I was exhausted. I became a hermit in my house. I didn't want to go outside. It didn't last long, but I remember just feeling blue.
3. I was a spaz about nursing her. Ryan never took to it, and I tried so hard for it to work. I am so thankful it did. There is nothing like that special connection you feel to your baby while nursing. If you didn't nurse, that is totally fine, but since I did both, I preferred it immensely.
4. (I have to just put a little "until recently" comment prior to this, because Kate has become a major diva, spaz, mouthy little girl lately--thanks Dad for that btw.) Kate is such a kind hearted, sweet, caring, sensitive, emotional, and easy child. I have told her many times that she is the reason I had babies #3 and #4. She was every thing Ryan was/is not: compliant, affectionate, and obediant. I was so at ease in her presence. On the flip side she is: whiny, helpless, not driven to do things, and flighty. So don't go thinking she is easy in every way...just in a different way.

I look at her and I still remember her pooping (at two weeks old) all over our new expensive comforter and ruining it. I remember her vomiting all over me at 8 months old due to what turned out to be a nasty bout of rotavirus I remember when she first pooped on the potty as Ryan and I cheered her on. "There's a montster coming out of my butt mommy!" she said.
I remember her sobbing for about 30 minutes the day Hope was born. We were driving home from the hospital. She was so hurt, because some girl sat with her on the bus, and her normal seatmate was angry with her.
She is becoming more and more confident with time. She is still shy, a rule follower, a nurturer, and a fun little girl. Happy Birthday to my sweet Kate!

PS: Her friend party is on Sunday. Pictures and an account of the chaos will follow.