Thursday, June 10, 2010

The party

Kate's party couldn't have gone any better. The ribbon flip flops were a huge hit. Coming from a woman who teachers and hears continual phrases like: "What do we do, I don't get it, and whaaat," I expected this to take awhile. Each girl made her own beautiful pair of Spud flip flops in no time.
The real hit of the party however, was Julia, my friend through hockey. Her brother and Ryan play on the same team. She came over with her HUGE supply of nail polish and nail pens. Each girl (and Brady and I) got a beautiful polish job with decorative art on our toes. It was a fun hour and a half. (That's the other secret--keep parties short and sweet!)

This has been an otherwise very stressful week. I am in a seminar all week for the Teach American History Grant I am a part of. On Sunday I leave early to head to the cities. Later that day, our group of 30 is flying to Chicago until late Wed. to see the historical aspects of the city.
So, my summer 'vacation' hasn't begun. In fact, until I return from Richmond, VA, on July 1, it won't start. I have lots of reading to do.
On top of that, Thad has worked every night for a week due to trials. He has been in court, preparing for trials, and even has to miss his grandpa's funeral that was scheduled three months ago because he has not finished testifying. Nice huh?
While sitting in a seminar all week, I have been putting out several fires on the homefront. Without getting into it, I am spent dealing with Ryan. He is aging me faster than I can relate.

Using my blog to complain isn't cool, but I had to. I am just about at my wit's end with everything right now....leaving Sunday is more stressful than it is exciting.
Okay, I'll shut up. Enjoy the pictures!
PS: Brady's toes are blue.



Anonymous said...

Bonnie I know it has been a stressful week for you, but you are handling it perfectly! Hang in there! Have a GREAT time in Chicago!

Tami p.s. just send Ryan over this way if needed!

Anonymous said...

Kate looks so grown up!! The party looks like it was a blast. Hang in there, and try to enjoy your "working" vacation.

Vicky said...

So smart to pick Julia to help, she is perfect for the job! I am tired just reading your post and all the stuff you have going on... and if we can't complain now and then here, well then its not very real. Hope you have a good time in Chicago!

Erin said...

You are such a cool mom for hosting this huge party. Happy birthday, Kate! Love you both.

ABCDH said...

Enjoy Chicago :)

sue said...

Glad Julia did a good job for you :) I know she thought it was alot of fun! Hope you enjoy your trip.