Thursday, February 25, 2010


Last night was the first time Thad was home after work since last Thursday. I think he has hit the 50 hour mark on overtime.
It was nice to all eat together. It was a late supper since we had church beforehand, but it was a welcomed change.
Prior to church and dinner, I had set up an appointment for a speech therapist to come over and evaluate Olivia. She has been evaluated before: once when I was 38 weeks pregnant with Brady and twice through preschool. The evaluators through MSUM who come to preschool both said her speech was fine. As I watched her speech teacher as her questions, I could quickly tell by all the notes she made that Olivia's speech is not 'fine.' In fact I was shocked to hear that Olivia is in the 6% percentile for kids her age. (People this might be the downside of having four kids and two full time jobs--I probably put this off too long.)
Soooo to make a long story short, Jeanette will be visiting daycare twice a week to work with Olivia. Some other issues that we might explore are her: unwillingness to eat certain foods, her bite, and her past ear infections. It all goes together. I know the ear infections hurt her speech development for sure. So if you read this, have a child with multiple ear infections, push for tubes.
Okay. That's it. I have work to do


Be the change you want to see in the world... said...

Glad to hear you have some access to the hubby. Olivia is awesome! I am a tube pusher.

Anonymous said...

If you put a little olive oil in their ears the infections will go away. Our oldest son has gone in twice for ear infections and the pediatrition told Laurie to use olive oil. Since then we have had no repeat ear problems with any of our 5 children (it is a whole lot cheaper also). Just a thought.

Matt Schweitzer

TBRKO said...

Just to be clear, Olivia had tubes at 10 months. I pushed for it when I found out that she could hear like she was underwater.

Dr. J said...

Docs are pretty specific about who gets tubes now. They really don't do it for nearly as many kids as they used to.

ABCDH said...

This is all very interesting!! The ear infections and speech stuff, etc. Keep us posted on her progress for sure!
Glad you got to enjoy a real family dinner :)

kelly g. said...

Hey Bonnie--just wanted to send you a little support. Eli didn't have a whole lot of trouble with ear infections but he did have trouble with his hearing and I didn't catch it until late. We did the tubes and it definitely helped with hearing but he was still struggling with speech. Had his tonsils and adenoids out which helped with his speech only until the swelling from the surgery went down at which point they found he actually had an air leak (which the swelling temporarily disguised)so air that should have gone out his mouth was going out his nose making him sound very nasal. So basically he had the two problems (ears and air leak). Where's the comfort in all this you ask? He started speech therapy shortly after all that and in less than a year (give or take) he was right where he should be. He started kindergarten without any residual issues. I look back at video now and am amazed at where he was then as far as speech. It's a distant memory at this point. Sorry for the long post but just a bit of encouragement for you. Not that Olivia's story is the same as Eli's but the speech therapy will bring her along so quickly, you won't even realize how much she has progressed. For Eli, it was a retraining of sorts from what he had taught himself to do with the air leak(if that makes sense?) and teaching him the sounds he had missed when he couldn't hear as well. They had all kinds of creative ways to help him to do that. Speech therapy is wonderful! Hang in there. Love staying caught up on your (and Erin's) life.