Tuesday, February 2, 2010

another day

Ah another rat race of a day. Aren't you all jealous? Really, I share this, because as I am experiencing it, I try to find the humor in it all....so here's today.
Brady has had a yucky nose/cough for a couple days. Today he woke up with a goopy eye. For some reason Brady tends to get yucky eyes when he has an ear infection. After talking with Jo today, I decided I better take him in after school. He was fussy, not eating, tired, and even had a couple yucky diapers.
So off we went to the clinic. Olivia wanted to come with. What a bummer that she was a turd the entire time. Brady was examined, it was decided he likely had a sinus infection, a possible ear infection brewing, so he was prescribed antibiotics. As we were leaving I set up an appointment for Kate later this week. She has been having 'leaking tinkle' issues. The poor girl. As I was driving home I thought to myself, "Heck I have the time (sort of) right now, so I am going to call and see if I can just bring her in today." Sure enough I could get her in. I called Jo, told her to tell Kate to get ready, asked if I could drop off the now sleeping Brady and Olivia, and head back to the clinic.
**I should mention here that Thad came home yesterday in horrible back pain. I massaged his back as best I could. This morning he said it hurt to breathe. He went to the chiropractor where it was confirmed that his back was messed up. He also had a rib that was popped out (?) so the dude popped it back in. More on this later.
I dropped of the sleeping/crying babes, and got Kate. Kate, however, was NOT about to go. She is fearful of going in and getting her privates looked at. I told her that they were going to check her urine and that would be it. OH NO she said. So began the chase around my mother in law's house. Nothing like chasing your daughter in front of your mother in law to feel like a loser. Good thing that Jo is awesome, because she just rolls with it. Finally I scooped up my seven year old who wasn't wearing boots or a coat, carried her outside, set her on the ground in socks, and let her scream her way into the car. I ran back inside, grabbed her gear, and listened to what a horrible mother I was. (It's not the first time, and it won't be the last time) I turned up the music and drove.
We got to the doctor, and in between glares and tears, we were called back. Kate also struggles with constipation issues. I am only sharing this with you, because it may be the culprit. He said if she doesn't have a bladdar infection, then it might be her colon contracting which bumps against her urethra causing leakage. Who knew?
So we did a urinanalysis. Mommy got to hold the cup while Kate went potty. She enjoyed peeing all over my hand. I told her I have had to touch worse things, so it wasn't a big deal. The test came back negative, and now we are working on her issues from the other end again. He said that if she is regular and still leaking in a week, then we need to pursue that.
We head home, grab McDonalds since Thad was in too much pain to start supper, go home, start to eat, curse out McDonalds for not putting fries in the three Happy Meals, eat, clean up, and then I headed to get Brady's prescription.
I got home to see that Kate had bathed. She told me she helped Olivia bathe too, only she refused to let Kate wash her hair. So back into the tub Olivia went (with Brady) amid more screams.
I got those two out, cleaned them up, realized Maggie peed all over our couch, cleaned that up, put laundry away, and told Ryan and Kate that they could either read or play a game.together.with no tv. ha ha! They did it for awhile which was a welcomed change.
I put the crabby Olivia to bed around 7pm (amid more screams), she crashed immediately, got Brady in bed, gave Thad a massge again, and then visited with the big kids. Ryan is impossible to have a discussion with. Kate will share every detail about every conversation. Ryan...not so much. All I know about today is that his Grandpa brought a huge bag of candy to his classroom for Ryan to pass out.
The big kids went to bed, and now I am sitting, relaxing, sighing to myself. These sort of days are the norm for me now. Never when I was pregnant did I anticipate bringing a child in to the doctor for a leaky bladder, forcing my kids to play a game, picking up a raging four year old and dumping her into her bed (albeit as lovingly as I could), and looking at a disastrous house while thinking, "Screw the mess. I'll deal with that tomorrow." Wait though. Tomorrow I work, the kids have religion, and I have to attend a meeting for Kate's First Communion. Maybe Thursday will be the day to pick up. Wait no, Thursday is dance day for the girls, and hockey day for Ryan and Thad. Maybe that's why our house is always a mess.
Yesterday was equally wonderful. Thad fixed (only halfway) his car for a nice sum of money. We registered Ryan for a hockey camp for a nice sum of money. To say we are feeling stapped is an understatement....!
On another note, do you people ever deal with this:

because we do all the time. I would be more concerned about Brady breaking the door to the dishwasher, but it's a piece of crap, so I think I am secretly hoping it will break soon. You know, with all the spare money we have.


HHLSS said...

I love your life!....Ok, I love reading about your life! No, seriously, I love that you find the humor in it to share. I too find myself doing crazy things (like manually helping my baby son poop...blah blah blah) and laughing and can't wait to blog about it all. This has to be the best time of our lives! :)

Ben said...

I'm exhausted just from reading that! :) Anyway, YES, our little darling loves to be "helpful" with the dishwasher (among other things - garbage, laundry, fridge, pantry, pots & pans, etc, etc, etc). It seems to be the age or something? I dunno... and climbing on everything... yikes! What I do know is that it's very hard to keep a straight face when trying to verbally discipline the li'l boo for being too doggone helpful! :)

Anonymous said...

You need to write a book! Since you have so much free time and all. I don't know how you manage to work full time with your busy schedule at home. When is there time to clean? I love how you find humor in random situations, like Kate peeing on your hand!

Dr. J said...

LOL! very true Ben, we find ourselves fighting back smiles and laughter during these times as well.

Hang in there Bon you guys are great parents.

Erin said...

Steph's right; you really should write a book. The Ups and Downs and Loopy Spins of Motherhood.