Saturday, February 20, 2010

a recent observation

This morning while I was over shushing the kids so Thad could sleep before heading off to work again for godknowshowlong, I noted the similarites between a baby/child and Thad's work. *Note* this is in reference to the last 36 hours.

Like a baby/child, when there is an emergency, you (I really mean police/detective, but for now on I will just type "you" because this is redundant) must drop everything and tend to it.

Like a baby/child you never know what it going to keep you awake (working) all.night.long.

Like a baby, you have to get up right away in the morning and get back to it. Babies don't care and neither to crimes that need to be solved.

Like a baby, your life (in this case mine) is at the mercy of your babies or children, and in our case, Thad's job. Ever dealt with plans messed up at the last minute? Story of my life...not that I am complaining. It's something I am used to.

Like a baby, you have to rely on others for help when you can't physically be in two places at once. Thanks Cases for bring Ryan to his game today.

Like a sick baby, you have no idea when a) they will be well again or b) when they will get sick again. Same with his job. There is no way to tell when all heck will break loose or return to 'normal' again.

This has been our lives. Honestly I am not asking for any 'good for you' comments, because that's not the point. I really hadn't noted the similarites between being at the mercy of my children and being at the mercy of Thad's job. Let me tell you, both exist in my world.

On the bright side, overtime checks don't come through when any of the above happens with our children, so this lady is trying to see the bright side of this most recent 'challenge' in our schedule.

I should also add that just because Thad isn't always working non stop (like this weekend), he deals with crap day to day that you and I would only have nightmares about. When he started working as an officer, I loved to hear what when on. Now, in part because I am busy with my own job and the kids (and he is too), we don't sit and talk about work. It's not like he has many good things to share anyway....


Erin said...

Another smart, well written post. I called you this morning, but you must have bravely taken all the kidlets to church. I'm thinking of you. Bring on the overtime!

TBRKO said...

I did take them to church. Believe me did enough embarassing things happen to blog about, but really, I feel like I have already shared embarassing church stories...or have I?
Between the crying, shouting, chucking of the paci, spilling of an entire bag of cheerios, well, you get it.

Vicky said...

The part that would be the most difficult for me is never knowing when it will happen. For the most part when Rick is traveling at least I know which weeks he will be gone and can adjust accordingly! Bless your heart for getting them all to church... that is no small feat!

Anonymous said...

I admire how you adjust to the changes that come with Thad's schedule. It must be difficult to have plans change on such short notice! I have always admired how flexible you are and the calm way you just go with the flow.