Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Since I don't want you to think that I am an ungrateful mother--because I am so not--I thought that I would change the subject and write another post about things that I consider to be blissful moments:

~a fresh cup of coffee in the morning
~moments when all my kids are happy, getting along, and tell me they love me
~leaving my blinds open in the winter so I can see the bright sky at night.
~smelling fresh summer air
~mowing the lawn with my ipod
~eating a big frosted cookie from the grocery store
~eating cheddar-garlic bisquits from Red Lobster
~laying by a pool in Vegas
~being in Vegas without a care in the world
~teaching most of the time
~waking up during the night and realizing I have lots more time to sleep
~listening to a Spuds game on the radio and hearing them win
~watching Gopher hockey with Ryan. It's one of the few times we hang out together
~a really good book
~Disney World
~Hearing a great song on the radio
~snuggling up at night with Maggie
~laughing with Thad
~a long car ride by myself
~Brady's face when I pick up up after work
~the feeling when a work out is over
~watching the Golden Girls, Sex in the City, Friends, or the Brady Bunch
~eating freshly buttered movie theater popcorn
~laughing and reminscing with friends
~Las Vegas with my mom and sister
~foot rubs from Thad
~watching Ryan play hockey with no interruptions
~eating a piece of my mother in law's banana bread. It's the best.ever
~getting to take a trip
~the first days of summer vacation
~naps on Saturdays


ABCDH said...

That was a sweet post, although it has made me want to die for a summer day or a visit to Magic Kingdom (which I am considering visiting in May!!)
But your last post was funny too and you make me laugh every time you call your kids a turd. Such a mom term.

Dr. J said...

I noticed 3 of those were about Vegas, how shocking! ;)