Wednesday, November 4, 2009

when things could be better

you just have to focus on the things that make you smile! Like my one year old who gets into everything under the sun without walking, my children who all are so sweet to Maggie, my nine year old who got me pretty good tonight with a trick he learned at school recently, and my sweet girls who make me smile constantly.

The levy didn't pass today. It was close. I mean really close. Close doesn't matter in an election though unfortunately. It was a somber day. Students were relentless in their questions:
"What's going to happen to teachers?"
"Will our classes get even bigger?"
"Are they going to cut activities and athletics?"
"Where is such and such on the seniority list?"
"Is our schedule going to change?"
Really I could go on and on. It's scary knowing that some of the best teachers might not have a job next year. There are so many what ifs and we should haves.

For now, though, I am going to try and focus on here and now. I have great students, great colleagues, and wonderful people in my life.


Dr. J said...

As usual the poor teachers get screwed while the union and administrators continue to rake it in...

TBRKO said...

Ryan I can't even say one bad thing about union people. At least at the local and state level, they are helping us immensely right now. Obviously I can't get into details, but I have thought many times over the last week "Thank God for Education Moorhead."
As for the teachers, it's really the kids who are being screwed.

Dr. J said...

The kids, good point.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what it will be like in just a few years after our president makes the value of our money worthless? Just think what it will cost then to run schools. I wonder, will our country become like 3rd world countries are now?

Matt S.