Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Thad!

Our attempt at a family photo

Brady is trying to text his girlfriend Kate who lives in Maryland.

The ultra crabby Olivia who appears happy!

Another tired Stafford child
Today Thad is 36 years old! Holy cow I still remember when he turned 19. Okay I really don't remember it, but we were together. In typical police fashion, he is celebrating his birthday working late on a case. It's a good thing we went out on Saturday night to Famous Daves (his choice) for dinner before taking in Peter Pan at the high school. If you live around here, you must see it. It was soooo good. In fact, we might go again since Olivia was too tired to go.
Thad thought I was weird for bringing the camera along to dinner, but in hindsight, it's a good thing I did. How else would we be able to document his birthday?

To add to the hectic schedule he (and I) have, he is now going to coach Ryan's traveling hockey team. He vowed he wouldn't do this to me (sounds selfish I know, but you try dragging three kids alone to every hockey game and see how you feel!), but there has been a change in plans. Without getting into too many details, Thad was hoping Ryan would make a team that is one level above what he made. Ryan was a 'bubble' person (new word that I just learned in reference to hockey), and though it was close, the decision was made to have two second year players play up.
Ryan was a bit shocked to hear the news. Ryan seems to take this sort of stuff in stride, and so I think he's okay with it. Now he will likely play on the first line rather than the third line. To be honest I could care less, BUT this team has no coach who (supposedly) has ever played hockey. He came home last night and said, "We need to talk." Of course I glared at him, but really what choice to I have? His heart is in the right place, and I have to give him credit for that...I guess.


Vicky said...

Bonnie, thank god!!!! I'll help you with the kids!!! Kim and I even will try and be parent coordinators :) We've been so worried. Rick will help Thad and all the other coaches will too. Seriously, this is the best news!! Thank you Thad!! Happy Birthday!

Be the change you want to see in the world... said...

Happy Birthday Thad! Bonnie I will gladly take some of your many children off of your hands. I know that Olivia and Brady would especially have fun over here since my two are close in age. Just a thought! We are going to Peter Pan on Sunday and I cannot wait!

TBRKO said...

Vicky that is funny b/c I didn't know that anyone was worried. We have a good group of kids on our team huh? Or as Thad said, "We have a good group of PARENTS!"

Dr. J said...

Kate loved her text and can't wait to see you guys and especially Brady in a few weeks! ;)

Erin said...

Thad's a great dad and you are a wonderful wife.