Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving & an early birthday

We survived Thanksgiving, Black Friday, an early birthday party, and even putting up the tree.
We all went to church on Thanksgiving morning. Brady was all smiles, but shortly after when I tried to take pictures, he was so over the happy gig. The other children cooperated though.
My sister in law & family came up late in the day on Thanksgiving. Bless Jo for putting up with four adults, six grandchildren, and four dogs in her house for a few hours. As always, everyone had a nice time playing, chatting, laughing, etc.
I did get up a do a little shopping on Black Friday. I will likely buy way too many things for my family, but I just love giving gifts. I hit Walmart, Target, and Herbergers. By 9am, I was done, so it was worth it.
Last night we celebrated Ryan's birthday which is on the 5th. I cooked a really nice meal for the family. Okay so the Hi-Ho Tavern. Dang there is nothing like a good burger with a little raw onion...but I digress.
Today I did some more shopping, we went to get haircuts for Brady, Olivia, Kate, and Thad, Ryan had a game, ate at Pizza Ranch, and then put up the Christmas tree. So far Maggie has been pretty good with it. The presents are not under the tree yet, and I am a little worried to even trying. Brady hasn't really shown any interest in the tree yet either.

Up next is getting my mind wrapped around my incredibly busy week. On top of all the stuff I have going on, Thad leaves town tomorrow until Friday night. Until then....
Monday: hockey
Tues: dental appts for three of our kids, I have parent teacher conferences from 5-8:30, and now must have a clean house for the babysitter.
Wed: to be at school by 7am for a meeting, religion for the kids after school, Kate's first reconciliation interview that night.
Thurs: Ryan has his travel team practice, dry land, regular team practice, Olivia and Kate have dance, and so I am not really sure how that will all pan out. Oh, and I have to be in Fergus Falls that day for a history meeting.
Friday: If I am still alive, I am told Ryan we could have a casual gathering for some friends for his birthday....he wasn't sure if he wanted to. I think he wants a "real" party, but as you can tell by our schedule, who the heck knows when that will happen.
Saturday: The girls have their last day of skating, Kate has a dance performance, Ryan has his first travel game in West Fargo, Olivia has an evening recital, and it's Ryan's 10th birthday.
Sunday: Church, Ryan has a game in Grand Forks, and by then we will have no clean laundry, groceries, or anything else I'm sure.
Wait, I didn't mention a league game that weekend did I? I am sure it's somewhere in there too....


Kara said...

As always, your kids are adorable! I can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks!

ABCDH said...

That picture of Brady on the floor is awesome.
I can't believe your schedule this week!!!! When do you bring the kids to the dentist if you work? After hours? Who babysits for you? Do you have to go the the game in Grand Forks?
How do you do it????

TBRKO said...

I had scheduled the dentist for 4 & 4:30. I have conferences at 5pm, so I was either going to cancel, drop them off at the dentist, or beg my mother for help. Thankfully she offered to take them. I will write out a little note to be handed to the dentist to scold Ryan for being a little lazy about his teeth.
Technically we can use our sick time for child medical appts, but I don't want any of us to miss school.
AJ, this week just might break me, I swear...