Monday, February 9, 2009

Some pictures

It is so fulfilling to spend time with people with whom you have so much history. Melissa date back to junior high. We were instant best friends. Elli and I first met in fourth grade. It was at a district spelling bee, and she was flirting with my boyfriend. Overtime we all spent a great deal of time with one another in high school. We all went to MSUM and joined Gamma Phi Beta together. Our friendship evolved from friends to more.
After we graduated high school, Thad, Elli, and Melissa lived together. They decided without consulting me (not that they had to), but in hindsight, it's pretty funny. We have been through boyfriends, broken hearts, proposals, marriage, childhood, loss, family drama, friend drama, work drama, lived together, and through it all remained tight.
After Elli's horrible loss last November, Melissa suggested we all get together. What fun we had. We walked, reminisced, ate like horses, drank a little, play Mexican train, laughed our tails off (I haven't laughed that much in ages), poked fun at one another, and even shed a few tears. We plan to try and do it annually.
In the meantime, I have added more memories of our friendship to my already nostalgic heart. Although many of the pictures are of Brady, really our time was about us. Having him there was an added bonus.


ABCDH said...

Looks like fun!

Vicky said...

I'm so happy you took the time to go on this trip. More of us need to. That is no small feat that you have all remained friends for so long. What a wonderful blessing to have. Brady is just too cute!

Melissa said...

You gotta love your girlfriends!! I love the pic of you in the reflection of the window taking Brady's pic with Melissa's dad.

Dr. J said...

I highly suggest making this an annual event. My h.s. buddies and I agreed this past year that we were going to do the same. Sometimes you just need to make time for people that are important to your past and present.

Anonymous said...

Brady is so adorable with the baseball cap on!