Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Today was one of those after school days when things go from good to bad pretty quickly. Here is how:
Pick up kids at daycare. Ryan gets ready, Kate putzes, Olivia flat out refuses, and Brady is sound asleep. Kate and Olivia goth get to a "three" which a timeout in our world. Olivia still refuses to cooperate. So I get Brady loaded up, get Ryan and Kate to head outside, scoop up Olivia, throw her coat on her while she kicks and screams, and carry her to the car.
Get to the car and see child #1 digging in my purse for gum. Another rule in Bonnieworld is to NOT dig in my purse (Erin do I sound like dad? That was his rule too about his wallet) as that is an automatic three. Head home while things are relatively quiet.
Get in garage. Olivia, who had taken off her shoes and socks in protest is now crying because guess what? I will not carry in a child who has purposefully taken off shoes and socks in this weather. Remind Kate that Olivia made the choice, and that she needs to get to her room. Enter house, start supper, send Ryan to his room with homework, send Kate to her room, give fussing Brady his paci, and get Olivia to sit on the steps for her timeout. Set the timer for children #2 & 3.
Continue supper, get it ready, put it on plates, ask kids to wash their hands, remind kids again to wash hands, start getting more frustrated with Kate for not moving as we have to leave for dance in 10 minutes, breathe, take a bite of my sloppy joe, and burn my mouth.
Kate sits down only to start in on how horrible my sloppy joes are. They are supposed to be as good as Jo's. Why don't I make them taste good? Tell her to stop complaining or she can be hungry. I am no maid and this isn't a restaurant.
Get Olivia's supper on her plate and place some unhealthy potato chips on Kate's plate. Instant tantrum because "I don't like those chips." By now my blood is boiling. I am ready to flip out. Then Thad gives Olivia chips. She crys, because, "She didn't want that kind." He brings her cheetos. I take one and the screaming begins. Then Kate whines again about supper, so I took her plate and said, "You are done. Get ready for dance and be HUNGRY."
Then, it was off to dance for Kate and the little ones. Ryan and Thad had hockey. All this fun in under one hour at my house! Have I mentioned that I am leaving for AZ in TWO DAYS???? Whoo-hoo!


Jenay said...

oh, i call the time between daycare and dinner the bewitching hour at our house. Really for two reasons: 1-because I turn in to the witch AND 2-because my kids freak out about not being able to have snacks while I am cooking dinner and when I finally do get the dinner on the table they complain about how horrible it is! If i could just wipe out those two hours a day, i would! Have fun in AZ, I am so jealous.

Anonymous said...


I know I shouldn't laugh...but that was absolutely hilarious! I have that at my house with just one child, I cannot imagine it with 4! I just admire your ability to see humor where many of us would cry or scream. Good job!


Erin said...

This was SO funny, and SO relatable! You handle it so much better than I do, though. I love that you are just as good at sticking to your guns as they are. I gotta say, the behavior that drives me craziest is the whining and complaining about dinner. Grant is a pro at that, too.

Melissa said...

Have fun in AZ! Funny thing is by the end of your trip you will be so excited to get back for the cycle to start again. What is up with kids not liking their mothers cooking?? Anthony is famous for this as well.

Vicky said...

I try to be every bit as tough as my parents when it comes to dinner time but it just doesn't work at all. I usually end up feeling like my parents got lucky with us! Soak up a little sun for me and enjoy your time together :)

Kris said...

Seriously...you make me laugh. I don't know how you do it! I feel like my "nastics" (gymnastics) nights with Lucy are the same way.....and I only have one!